Sunday, 28 April 2013

XauXau giveaway on Facebook

Simply click SHARE to this picture on my Facebook page and maybe you will be the lucky winner to win this red puffy crochet bead necklace from XauXau!

Winner will be drawn at the end of 1st of May. 

And please make sure that your privacy settings will let me see that you have shared this post.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

simple crochet bead necklaces

Lately I have been playing with different colors for already known designs. For example, these newly listed simple crochet bead necklaces in my shop:

They are made with a very beautiful 18 inch cable style sterling silver chain. 

Planning your wedding and can't figure out what necklaces your bridesmaids should wear? These will be a unique gift for them and please note that other color combinations can be arranged. Also if ordering more then one - discount will be offered. Just contact me!

And here is the already known and loved earth tones bead necklace. Also now with sterling silver chain.

Hope you like these new necklaces!
Have a great week everybody! :)

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Holiday promotion

Be sure to check my shop in these following days 'cause I am participating in Black Friday - Cyber Monday holiday promotion!
From 23rd till 26th of November you can receive 20% off to any purchase you make in my shop!
Just use coupon code THANKSXAUXAU while checking out and enjoy! :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

crochet cloud-o-mania in my shop!

Maybe some of you have noticed that my shop now is full of crochet cloud brooches in different colors. Well, let me introduce them properly..

At the beginning this might seem a dreadful storm cloud. But those who love navy blue color will be in love with it's contrasting white drops of rain and textured surface.

This cloud is already known by it's happy bright blue color and playfulness:

And this romantic lady will melt even the most biggest rain hater's heart.

This light blue cloud is a day-dreamers cloud. The one where you see thousands of different images when you look in the sky. 

And finally here is the happy, cheerful yellow cloud:

In case if you wish to please more then 1 friend of yours, then here is a listing for any 2 cloud brooches with a reduced price!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

'I met an Etsian'. AdeloCreations

Honeymoon should be spent just the two of you together, right? Wrong! At least partly - that is what we thought. And we both are very happy that we made such decision and allowed ourselves to meet one wonderful, super-creative with a unique style Etsy artist on our honeymoon to Athens/Crete.

Her name is Maria and she is the creative person behind AdeloCreations.

Over The Rainbow Brooch
This brooch is so cute!!! Just recently I noticed that you can change the color of his nose! :)

I have told you about Maria before as she fell in love with my berry necklaces. Recently I returned the favor and bought beautiful earrings in a shape of leaves from her - can't wait to receive them! :)

So.. this is Maria and me on our way to the temple of Poseidon.

Maria was so kind to take us with her car to not so typical sight-seeing place - the temple of Poseidon. It is ~65 km away from Athens and we wouldn't have seen it if not for Maria.

Enjoying the weather, the temple and our new photographer. 
A beautiful view opens once you are next to the temple. Endless water horizon, beautiful beaches around and smiling sun. 
After being typical tourists we went down to a nearby beach and had some nice refreshing swim, little bit of sunbathing and in the middle of all that - joyful conversations about everything! About Etsy as well. Cried on each other shoulders for some questions and shared some useful advises as well. 

Oh, it was so nice that we could have such a wonderful day with Maria! And I really do hope we will meet again.. 
This was one of the best part in our honeymoon! Thank you, Maria!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My name is Alise Lauva. :)

This is something I have to get used to now. To be called differently. Mrs. Lauva. 
It's a bit of weird, sounds awkward (is it really me?) but in spite of everything - it feels good. :)

I have a husband now and my heart couldn't be more happier. I feel loved, protected and simply happy. 
And thankful. 

We had an amazing photographer. Kaspars took wonderful pictures and caught just the right moments so that we can remember this day as if it is was yesterday even recalling all the little details. 

My heart sings that I was able to do so many things with my own hands and that most of the things turned out as planned. That made this day even more special. 

And as my husband said - when I saw that butterfly in your hair I felt thousands of butterflies in my stomach.

To see more from our special day watch this video:

First two songs - by Anete. The last - by my husband. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

getting ready for..

You all must be wondering what I've been up to lately?
No new items, no posts in this wonderful blog..
What's up Alise? :)

Well.. I am getting ready for something big. Yes, some part of my ideas do go to my shop (no force can turn them off!). But the biggest part of which my mind is sticking to is that..

 I am getting married in the middle of June! 

I got the proposal from Didzis last year when we were on the island of Capri. The sky was soo beau-ti-ful that evening! 

So for less then a year we've been impatiently waiting and preparing for that. Great part of my creativeness went for this purpose so this explains my absence here. 

But now that most of the preparations have been done all I have to do is wait.. And I hate waiting! :D Yes, it is a good way how to learn patience but I still like to be in doing something not just wait! It is tickling my nerves!

So my thoughts return to my shop.. As always. :)
I think I have said this before that I am always thinking how to improve my items, my shop outlook etc. Let's be honest - there's still where to grow. 

And as I want to give much space for new ideas and thoughts I should first make a physical space in my house! :D

So I've decided to give away almost for free few of my items. The price of them will cover just the supplies used and shipping fee. And as soon as the first item is bought - the next one will be listed!

Let's start now! :)
The first one will be this mad octopus necklace:

Only 3$